Sea Vege Tofu For Health & Wellness

Once upon a time ….  all life on the earth came from the sea…… so enjoy the natural benefits from our ocean....Our newest and healthiest tofu products are made from high quality ingredients from our oceans like, alaria, dulse, and sea lettuce. These special ingredients are not there for taste but to provide extra health benefits just for you.

Kaiso Our Sea Vege Burger

This supplement to our original burger line extends our fa mily of healthy ready to eat tofu products. The addition of different sea vegetation to this burger provides nutritional benefits and the inclusion of hoshi-shiitake mushrooms provides a flavour sensation.

Sea Vege Organic Blok Tofu

A quality extra firm texture, this new blok tofu is low in sodium (0 mg) and rich in minerals from the different sea vegetation in it. For centuries, peopl e in Japan have been eating sea vegetation, like sea weed and kelp as a measure for good health