Shefu Tofu

...Delicious ready-to-eat, flavoured tofu. It is designed for people who don't want to compromise good taste or health to meet the demands of their hectic schedules. It is also a contemporary take on tofu, appealing to those who like a good steak on Friday, a pepperoni pizza on Sunday, a salad on Monday and a tofu dish on Wednesday.

The flavours of Shefu Tofu are the perfect complement to other foods and make great snacks. Shefu is available in Lightly Seasoned Bites or BBQ Flavoured Bites a shape and size that is especially appealing to kids, and in So uthern Style Slices, which are flavoured with our own secret blend of herbs and spices

Try it hot or cold right out of the pack, in pasta dish es, in wraps, between slices of your favourite bread, or cut into pieces on salads or on top of nachos. It is a delicious, easy way to include a healthy source of lean protein in any meal

ginger cubes

These delicious small cubes, approx 10mm square, make gre at cold snacks for your young ones, and a nice introduction to a light ginger, olive oil and basil taste. With less fat that their sesame cube counterpart, you can keep the calories down by steaming or microwaving them to heat

sesame cubes

A s the name suggests, these small cubes, approx 10mm square have a sweet sesame and garlic flavour that makes for a lovely edition to a sa lad or pasta. Just fry, microwave or put them in the oven to crispen