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Why would I eat tofu? I’m not a vegetarian.

Tofu can be quick and easy: our ready to eat varieties have really nice
textures and subtle, not bland flavours, fantastic for a quick meal or snack
when you are busy. Find out about our tasty serving suggestions.

Soyarie blok tofu has no cholesterol and is relatively low in calories and fat.
It is great for those who want to be calorie conscious. For instance, a lean
hamburger patty has about twice the calories and 10 times the saturated fat
of an equal amount of our extra firm blok tofu.

Tofu is a good lean source of protein, so for athletes who want to add more
protein to their diet, tofu is a fantastic choice. Add it to a smoothie, dips,
dressings, etc.

Tofu is really easy to digest due to the removal of the soybean fiber during
the manufacturing process. It makes a tremendous pre-exercise food.

It is a great addition for anyone with trouble with digestion, the elderly etc.

Tofu can be a smart health choice. Read more.

Why is tofu a smart health choice?

Tofu is low in fat, calories, and contains no cholesterol. It is also an excellent
source of high quality vegetable protein. Tofu is low in the saturated fats which
can raise unhealthy LDL cholesterol. Adding more soy rich foods, like tofu, to
your diet may be helpful in controlling blood pressure, reducing blood cholesterol
and improving vascular function.

Tofu is also rich in B-vitamins and contains a lot of calcium. Calcium may help in
the prevention of osteoporosis – thinning of bone tissue and loss of bone density.
Check our pop up nutrition labels for nutrients in our different products.

Tofu combined with vitamin C is a rich source of iron.

Tofu is rich in isoflavones thought to be helpful in disease prevention. Although
the jury is still out there is continuing research into how isoflavones might reduce
the risk of osteoporosis, breast and prostate cancers among other diseases.

Research has found some evidence that inclusion of tofu in the diet may help
with hot flashes in pre and menopausal women.

And of course tofu can provide a perfect substitute for dairy products for people
with lactose-intolerance. See our Chocolate Almond Tofu Cake that is both dairy
and gluten-free. 

" As a newbie to tofu, I found that the

textures and subtle flavourings of the Burgers and Bites line made great snacks (cold) or as a burger/wrap-wiches. Pleasantly surprised!! I may just start eating tofu now!!!
~ William Hayes


" The chocolate mousse pie

was everything I was hoping for: rich, creamy, light & chocolatety. It was a huge hit with my guests!
~ Sandra Kent