All Your Questions Answered

Are Soyarie’s products organic?

At Soyarie we use high quality ingredients and traditional Japanese
methods in all our tofu.

All of Soyarie’s blok tofu as well as our silken tofu is certified organic
and carries the OCQV stamp. However our ready to eat line is not.

Are Soyarie’s products non-GMO?

The short answer is that our blok tofu is all non-GMO and the soybeans
used in our ready to eat tofu products also come from non-GMO sources.

However, in the ready to eat line we use additional ingredients such as: carrots,
mushrooms, sesame seeds etc. that we cannot guarantee are non-GMO.

Are Soyarie’s products gluten-free?

Many of our products are gluten-free. Some are not.

We have marked each of them on our product pages; those
which are and those which are not gluten-free.

What are Soyarie’s policies when it comes to nuts, allergens and cross-contamination?

In our factory, we don't use eggs and dairy products. Therefore, there is
no risk of cross-contamination.

Also at Soyarie we do not use peanuts or other nuts in any of our products.
We do use sesame seeds in our burgers.

If this is an issue, always check the ingredient list published on each of our
products for specific information.

Do Soyarie soy products contain ingredients made from hexane solvent extraction?

Soyarie uses the Japanese method of tofu production. None of the soy used
in Soyarie’s product line is made using the hexane solvent process.

" As a newbie to tofu, I found that the

textures and subtle flavourings of the Burgers and Bites line made great snacks (cold) or as a burger/wrap-wiches. Pleasantly surprised!! I may just start eating tofu now!!!
~ William Hayes


" The chocolate mousse pie

was everything I was hoping for: rich, creamy, light & chocolatety. It was a huge hit with my guests!
~ Sandra Kent