We Start With Great Ingredients and a Passion for Tofu

It is the quality, texture, flavour and product variety that makes Soyarie products stand out

For those who appreciate variations on a good thing, Soyarie has a wide range of deliciously flavoured tofu burgers, patties and nuggets.Our ready to eat tofu can be used in all kinds of recipes:

- cut into strips on top of salads
- on top of pizza
- between two slices of rustic bread
- or just eaten cold as a snack

They are simple, easy and can be eaten hot or cold. Simply delicious.

Soyarie also produces a wide variety of high quality blok tofu products for the discriminating customer or chef. Blok Tofus you can do just about anything with as it takes on the flavour of whatever you cook it with. Plus tofu has a number of textures you can achieve with it as well; from chewy, to firm and crumbly, to very near a custard texture.

!! NEW! ! Sea Vege Tofu

Our our newest taste innovation will not only provides you with the protein you maybe after but potential health benefits from the high quality organic ingredients we add from our oceans.

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" Your miso tofu burgers are so good.

I love them. Congratulations on providing such tasty meat-free alternatives. I'm not vegetarian, but I am looking to reduce my consumption of meat and your products are better than meat. The change is easy thanks to you.
~ Marie-Claude