Twinkling Eyes & An Engaging Smile

... light up the face of Koichi Watanabe, the founder and creative tofu maker behind Soyarie, Inc.

He is obviously a man who enjoys what he does and takes pride in his business. However Koichi’s road to expertise with tofu was not as easy or straightforward as it could have been, given that his older brother, Masaru, had been in the business of producing tofu for several years. The young Koichi had paid little attention. Ironically, as Koichi explains, “in 1976, I was living in a co-op house shared with hippie friends. One of our friends had The Book of Tofu now considered to be a bible in the tofu industry.

It interested me a great deal and I started to make tofu out of pure curiosity. At the beginning, it was rather mysterious, and of course it was not very good. But, by continuing to make tofu, it (the method) became clearer, and not so mysterious.

And so the story of La Soyarie began.

Koichi Watanabe,
Founder and Owner
Soyarie, Inc.