Let Us Make Your Mouth Water!

Forget any prejudice you may have against tofu and get ready to be amazed.

Because tofu is one of the most versatile foods you can cook with and it can be a substitute for meats and poultry in most recipes, it is a star for many vegan or vegetarian eaters.

But Soyarie are proud that their lines are not a meat substitute but rather the star of the meal in its own right with the right seasoning and preparation.

Our recipe section is for everyone who loves to cook and eat delicious, healthy, fun food. Recipes and serving suggestions range from:

- entrées,
- lunch and brunch ideas
- soups, salads
- desserts
- and refreshing drinks.


" As a newbie to tofu, I found that the

textures and subtle flavourings of the Burgers and Bites line made great snacks (cold) or as a burger/wrap-wiches. Pleasantly surprised!! I may just start eating tofu now!!!
~ Hayes