We'd Like to Thank These
Restaurants for Sharing their Trade Secrets

Delicious Tofu Lasagna
with spinach, mushrooms and organic rennet free cheddar

Restaurants That Use
Soyarie Tofu in Recipes

in Ontario Ottawa
The Table Wellington
1230 Wellington St.
Restaurant Perfection
167 Laurier St.
Peace Garden
47 Clarence St., The Atrium
Green Door
198 Main
Champa Thai
193 King Edward
Chahaya Malasia
690 Montreal Road
Café Nostalgica
601 Cumberland St.
209 Gilmour St.
Pure Kitchen
357 Richmond Rd,
340 Elgin St, Ottawa,
Erling's Variety
225 Strathcona Ave.,
Wild Oats
817 Bank st.
Fraser Cafe
7 Sprilgfield Rd.
Little Jo Berrys
1305 Wellington St W
Paradise Poké
134 Bank st

in Quebec Gatineau
Le Bistro Pho
62 St-Raymond
La belle verte
166 rue Eddy
Chez le Thai
39 Rue Laval
Le Foubrac
47 Boulevard Montclair, Gatineau
Le Hibou
757 Riverside, Wakefield
Thai Express
1100 Blvd, Maloney west

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